DeepStream the X,Y,Z of the detected object

How can i get the x,y,z location of the detected object ?
Is that possible using DeepStream?

Here is deepstream application architecture, you also can get from here,, we have metadata associated with each frame, by iterating metadata you can get detetected objects coordinates.

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Hello amycao
I can get the output of DeepStream the detected object location ,bounding box in this form (Top,Bottom,Left,Right) . IS there a way to have the 3d location of the object on space with respect to camera coordinate frame like (x,y,z) or not

I think you’ll have map the screen coordinates to real world. XY plane is probably not too hard if the ground is flat. Z could be considerably harder.

I think Nvidia has a smart parking demo app you could look at. I haven’t looked at it myself but there’s probably some code in there you can reuse.

I just had a look. Seems there’s a tracker written in Python you could re-implement in whatever. It can get you the XY coordinates of cars. You can probably adapt it to whatever you want to do.