Determine Compiler Version used

I’ve encountered an older program that was compiled with Portland Group Fortran 90 compilers. However, I’m unsure as to the exact compilation date of the program, and can not determine what pgf90 version was used (due to past updates of PGI).

Given just the executable, is there any way I can determine what version of Portland Group was used to compile the binary?

Thank you

Hi mjohnson,

Starting with the 6.1-4 release of the compilers, we did start embedding the compiler version into an object’s .comment section. An executable will have the version numbers from all the objects, including runtime libraries.

To retrieve this info, use the following objdump command.

% pgf77 -V6.1-4 hello.f -c
% objdump -s --section=.comment hello.o | grep PG
 0000 00504746 544e2036 2e312d34 00        .PGFTN 6.1-4.
% pgf77 -V6.1-4 hello.o -o hello
% objdump -s --section=.comment hello | grep PG
 00a0 31313329 00005047 46544e20 362e312d  113)..PGFTN 6.1-
 00b0 34000050 47432036 2e312d34 00005047  4..PGC 6.1-4..PG
 00c0 4320362e 312d3400 00504743 20362e31  C 6.1-4..PGC 6.1
 00d0 2d340000 50474320 362e312d 34000050  -4..PGC 6.1-4..P
 00e0 47432036 2e312d34 00005047 4320362e  GC 6.1-4..PGC 6.
 00f0 312d3400 00504743 20362e31 2d340000  1-4..PGC 6.1-4..
 0100 50474320 362e312d 34000050 47432036  PGC 6.1-4..PGC 6
 0110 2e312d34 00005047 4320362e 312d3400  .1-4..PGC 6.1-4.

Hope this helps,

Hello Mat,
Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately, I know the PGF version used would have been pre 6.1, most likely 6.0 or 5.1 -I’m not certain which though. Any suggestions for this situation?

Thank you,

Hi Matthew,

Unfortunately, there is no practical way to get this information prior to 6.1-4.