Determining distance estimation using calibrated camera

I will be performing camera calibration using the recommended steps as listed in the docs.

My question is once I have calibrated the camera, am i able to get the distance estimations for any objects as seen in a camera? Say my camera resolution is 1920 x 1208 and I want to determine distance from the camera to an object that is situated in the coordinate position of (1300,1500) in the camera frame. Does the driveworks provide any API’s to allow me to do this?

I came across the data field ‘distance_m’ in the ‘struct dwObjectDataCamera’ in file:///home/vivan/Desktop/driveworks/local/driveworks1.2/doc/nvdwx_html/group__object__data__group.html . Can this be used for my use case? Thx.


Drive AV has distance information for the detected car and sign.
But it will need DRIVE Xavier platform.


Hi AastaLLL,

Is there any sample application in DriveSDK that can give out distance of the detected lane, object or traffic signs in the PC environment? For example. in the sample laneDetection program, I see that there are world points field associated to the laneMarking object but they are always zero. Same goes for the dwObjectCamera.



Hi @AastaLLL ,

Sorry for commenting on an old post.

I came across the same issue. By “Drive AV has distance information for the detected car and sign” you mean we need to have the NVIDIA’s Autonomous Driving Application, road runner running on a vehicle outfitted with DRIVE Xavier platform? Or any custom application developed based on driveworks if we run on on same platform will it work?