Dewarp Deepstream 6


I am using deepstream 6 to do multiple car tracking detection in a parking lot. I would like to know how to add dewarp to the pipeline and how to generate the calibration matrix. Can you help me?

You can refer this guide link:
And the demo code from deepstream



About the config_dewarper_perspective.txt file, how do I find the distortion values?

To get the correct distortion coefficients you need to use the following calibration method of opencv :
This will give you focal length(fx, fy), principal point(cx, cy) and 5 distortion coefficients : (k1, k2, p1, p2, k3)
You can set them in the dewarper plugin config file as follows :

distortion=k1;k2;k3;p1;p2 (please note the reordering here)

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