how to correct distorted images


DeepStream with wide-angle camera returns very low accuracy.
If I can correct these distorted images, accuracy would be getting better.

How can I make increase accuracy here?
or any plug-in like dewarping for 360 degree camera?


Hi ddpx2,

Please refer to if can help.


Hi kay,

Instead of this git, I’m testing DS 4.0 sample program for this issue.


However, I cannot find out proper parameters even DS plugin manuals at all.

Could you recommend some sample parameters for 1 x fish-eye camera(180 degree) input to make rectified video?


The input source of the sample is a video file. Have you tried to run the default application?

$ ./deepstream-dewarper-app file:///home/nvidia/deepstream_sdk_v4.0_jetson/samples/streams/sample_cam6.mp4 6

Hi Dane,

Even though I tested the sample application as well, I could not have any good results.
Probably some parameters of [config_dewarper.txt] might be modified.

I attach two screenshots for your information:

scr_ds_clip.png is as expectation. It demonstrates four surfaces in config_dewarper.txt

We are checking to have more information on parameter tuning.

Please refer to section 2.8.3 in

Hi Dane,

It’s not easy to modify configuration files.
Since, I think, my video clip is 180 degree but example uses 360 degree,
output display is crashed.

Could you a suggest template configuration file for 180 degree fish-eye video clip?
FYI, I can share a clip.


The video sample is in 1472x1384. Please check if you can adapt your source to this resolution. See if the same resolution still triggers the crash.