DGX A100 Telsa GPU's with DisplayPorts/eSata

Good day, I am currently wanting to use my DGX Station A100 just for immersive technology testing. I have been using is for Data Analytics and that phase is over and the unit is EOL. I currently have Windows 10 22h2 installed and most drivers/firmware working 100% with the exception of the graphics drivers and access to the DP ports. When I plug a monitor into one of the three DP ports I can access the BIOS and the OS just fine. I have attempted to utilize the preferred drivers for Nvidia via the installer but sees no devices to update. I did initially get the unit to install GTX 980M driver and did not BSOD. When I ran driver updates as normal then it reverted back to a basic driver. My goal is to be able to plug the Oculus Rift - S in and have it recognized on the DP side. USB is no issue and is charging but no signal per the Oculus App when I plug into the same DP is use for the monitor. I am able to utilize an M-Connect to utilize dual screens and make the M-Connect the Main display. Any help would be appreciated.

Hello @brad.adams, welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

First of all as a disclaimer: DGX Stations are not designed to be used in this fashion, so there is no guarantee you will get it to work as you hope. DGX A100 is a Deep Learning development platform and optimized for that, not for consumer level VR usage.

That said, what you can do is try installing the A100 specific data center drivers, found on the normal driver download page.

That driver might work. You can also try to run GeForce Experience and see if your setup is recognized as “VR ready”, but I honestly doubt, this will work.

Quite frankly I would rather consider passing the DGX Station on to someone who can still utilize t for Deep learning tasks and get an RTX Workstation or even GeForce GPU for VR.