Differences between cufft and matlab fft?


What do cufft do different in computing the fft as opposed to MATLAB? I have an algorithm that uses several fft’s, which I’m converting to the GPU from MATLAB. But in one of the fft’s, when cufft and MATLAB gets the exact same inpu vector, they return completely different results. This is a forward fft, so no scaling have to be done after that. I am really confused and need your help to figure this out.

What dimension is the FFT, 1D, 2D, 3D ?

The dimension is 1D, but there were some small error in the input I recieved from matlab, that resulted in a few different values in the vectors sent to the ffts. Since they were 2916 long, I only checked a few values, and were “lucky” with those values where they were the same. When comparing them all, I found a few values that were wrong. So now it’s fixed.