DKMS Not Working When I Updated Linux Kernel With dpkg


When I updated the Linux kernel with the following commands, the NVIDIA driver DKMS build worked fine.

$ sudo apt-get update 
$ sudo apt-get install linux-generic linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic 
$ sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

However, when I updated the kernel with the following dpkg commands, the DKMS did not work. Is it normal behavior?

$ sudo dpkg -i linux-headers-4.14.15-041415-generic_4.14.15-041415.201801231530_amd64.deb
$ sudo dpkg -i linux-headers-4.14.15-041415_4.14.15-041415.201801231530_all.deb
$ sudo dpkg -i linux-image-4.14.15-041415-generic_4.14.15-041415.201801231530_amd64.deb

Would you please tell me how to trigger DKMS build for NVIDIA driver when I update the kernel with dpkg?


for that, hint:

Thank you!