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Dear Nvidia DLI-Support,

I booked the course „Integrating Sensors with NVIDIA DRIVE”. On Monday 11am CET I have booked the course. Till now, I don’t find time to finish the course. Yesterday I got this message …

In the forum I have seen similar posts – would it be possible to provide me some more hours to finish the course.

Best regards and thanks, Dominik

Hi Dominik,

I was able to grant you 4 more hours.

Best of luck to you.


Hi Tom,
Jupyter is loading again thanks!
The four hours are start to count down from now? Is this somewhere mention, how much time we have for the courses?

I believe it starts from the time you launch the course. I don’t know of a timer in the UI. Let me know if you need more time, I can bump up the clock if needed.


Ok, I just starting - let’s see how much progress I get until I have to leave my working place.
Thanks a lot so far,

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Hi Tom,
I have to interrupt my work for today. Would it be possible to get some more time (currently we have appx 7pm), that I could continue tomorrow at 8am for additional 4 hours?



Perfect, thanks a lot - you just add some more hours or set a clock to a specific time?

I added 4 hours for a total of 8.

I finished the RadarPlugin - it’s really good explained and I really appreciate this useractivity with the vitrual host and the exercises.
Thanks again for additional time.

Hi @DominikS

Happy to help anytime!


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