Do you have a plan to preinstall OpenCV with CUDA enabled?

In JetPack 4.4 DP, OpenCV 4.1.1 is preinstalled.
But, this OpenCV was build using the following setting.


Is there any reason?

I hope that Jetpack preinstall OpenCV with CUDA enabled.
Because, Jetson has NVIDIA GPU.

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Hi @dandelion1124,

As posted by @dusty_nv here:

It is related to issues in tests and QA in the contrib layers of OpenCV so they can’t include it by default in the Jetpack releases.

If you want to use OpenCV with CUDA support on Jetson boards please refer to the following guide:


Hi @fabian.solano, thank you for your explanation.
I understood current situation. I’ll build OpenCV from source code.

Also note that OPENCV_DNN_CUDA does absolutely nothing (gives no functionality) in OpenCV 4.1.1. The CUDA support in DNN module is available from 4.2.0 only.