Does GeForce GTX 1050 Ti support TCC mode?

Does GeForce GTX 1050 Ti support TCC mode? Thanks.


GeForce products don’t support TCC mode.

Tesla, most Quadro, and Titan products support TCC mode.

So, to use NSight to debug CUDA application, I have to use Legacy+WDDM mode? No better configuration?


Thank you. But TCC and Next-Gen has so many advantages; it’s so frustrating not to be able to use them. Does nVidia plan to add them to GeForce GTX 1050 Ti in near future?


Nobody who works for nVIDIA is going to say this, but I don’t think TCC and Next-Gen have advantages for videogames, and that’s who’s paying the bills.

I do not work for nVIDIA, but if I did and I was in charge of those decisions I would have zero - no make that negative - motivation to encourage the compute-engine user base to buy low-margin $200 cards instead of high-margin $1200 cards. I don’t know if the compute-engine business is profitable or not, but I’d be surprised if it’s 1% of the volume of the videogame business.

Seeing as how every other supercomputer company in the history of humankind has gone out of business (depending on how you classify the various incarnations of the Cray brand), we probably don’t want to complain too much.

I have no idea what you are trying to talk about. Maybe you just want the world to know you can afford a high-margin $1200 card. Let me tell you what my motivation is – study. I want to study OpenGL programming and debugging step by step inside GLSL code can provide me with lots of knowledge that is hard to acquire simply by reading GLSL or other naive methods. TCC and Next-Gen offers great convenience in this regard (I don’t need to list them because their advantages are obvious), so I want to use them in my study to make it more effective and efficient. I am not a rich student like you; a $200 graphics card like 1050 Ti is already a big deal for me, not to mention those high-end graphics card worth thousands of dollars. But I think, at least at an entry level of OpenGL programming, the technical details of 1050 Ti is not too different from high-end cards to forbid study. That’s why I hope TCC and Next-Gen can be applied to 1050 Ti too, just to encourage students to use these technologies together with Nsight, even when they are still in a college. If you think you are an expert of profit, let me tell you a truth: I am legally using Windows 10 Education and Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise for free and it is the case for all 20,000+ students in my university. Microsoft is too stupid, right? Or you are?