double and integer 64 bits

Hi everyone,

I have an algorithm that is using 64bits integer and double (it is a benchmark). I would like to know if there is a way to implement these types of data. I know that we only can use single precision on CUDA. Could I use two floats to computing a double? Do you have an idea about how I can address that without loss accuracy in my results?

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One person presented a poster on this at SIGGRAPH 2006:

If you zoom in and read the PDF, it gives some hints for how this was done, but I haven’t found any code yet.

Actually, (if you don’t mind reading FORTRAN), the dsfun90 package on this page looks promising:

It at least shows how to implement double precision routines in terms of single precision variables (REAL*4 is a 32-bit float in FORTRAN).

Thanks a lot seibert, I will send an email to the guy from the conference.


If he gets back to you, let us know what his status is on releasing the code (if he is planning to do that). I realized today that I might need to work in double precision for some calculations, and other people probably have similar questions.

Hi seibert I have an answer from him, but it is not hope. If you write me an email I could replay his answer. my email is :