Driver bug? No respond to submission!

On 04/23/2015 I submitted a bug report to NVidia support, but after nearly eight weeks the state is still marked as “new”. And I think that the documentation of the issue is quite good. System information, call stacks and a solution to replicate the problem had been attached.

What should I do?

Here is a excerpt of the description:
After days of searching I am quite sure that I have located a bug in the OpenGL driver. Our scoreboard presentation software needs to run over days but for certain sequences it crashes on NVidia hardware.
My first investigations pointed to a buffer overflow or access to freed memory, which resulted in invalid pointers and a crash in various functions/methods trying to use them. I enabled “Global Flags” (gflags.exe) and later “Application Verifier”, both made by Microsoft, to increased the chance of catching the trigger, because other attempts failed before.
This time I received suitable results: Every time a first-chance exception occurs in “nvoglv64.dll” within an hour after start. It is an “access violation writing location XXX” and it is raised somewhere in the call stack above glTexImage2D(). I tried to work around the problem by only creating new texture objects whenever the code is executed. That only shifted the exception to the next OpenGL function named glFramebufferTexture2D().
Because the AMD notebooks of our customers are going days without crashing I assume that the cause is really situated in your OpenGL driver. I tried different versions on my Dell Precision M6600 with Quadro 4000M. The oldest Windows 8 driver was provided by Dell and had a 311.xx number. It crashed, too. Our customers have got a M6600 with a 3000M on a 64-bit Windows 7 system currently using version 347.52.