EFI support for Jetson TX1 and running upstream kernel

With the change to use updated components from DEB packages it seems useful to keep the l4t downstream u-boot in order to access the reference userspace and update components from there using the emmc.

But in order to run upstream kernel (booted with EFI as mandated by fedora aarch64, provided as external mmc or via sata), there is a need to (at least) adapt the dtbfile to point to an upstream file provided by the distribution.
I’m using the following u-boot command in order to boot upstream kernel using downstream u-boot:
setenv fdtfile nvidia/tegra210-p2371-2180.dtb

Is there a way this can be fixed by default in a later l4t minor release ? for Jetson- TX1 ?
Is there any others fixes that would be worth added in order to have a “working” EFI boot if not in a “supported state” (memory training , gpu enablement, iommu, etc ?).

For now, booting upstream kernel requires using an upstream u-boot build, see docs:
But this breaks access to downstream userspace:

Any others idea to be able to switch between downstream userspace to upstream ones ?
(like reading upstream u-boot from external mmc when plugged ?)

Thanks in advances.

Sorry that there is no plan for this on TX1. Actually, TX1 will not have big change in boot components anymore.

Please move to Xavier or Xavier NX which will have chance to support this in future.

Thanks for the reply.

I really wish this request to be backed by some customers, because that’s important for sustainability (while at the same time I understand nvidia to stop development of older devices).

Having “memory training” problem solved means upstream development may avoid to focus on weird workaround to achieve this functionality. This is not an area community development can make improvements as I understand (as tegraboot, cboot that are not open-source for tegra210).

So I really the components responsible for this area can be updated. Even if theses components are released as disconnected from a full l4t release/scheduled.