EGL binding to GL API fails

I’m trying to bind EGL to a pure GL context - eglBindAPI( EGL_OPENGL_API ) -, but I’m getting a FALSE in return. When querying for the supported client APIs all I get is OpenGL_ES. My driver version is 343.22.
The reason I need GL (rather than GLES) is because I’m using OpenCL and need to share some buffers for CL processing (doing cross-platform development btw). The only extension available is cl_khr_gl_sharing and not cl_khr_egl_sharing.

On which platform? Its possible that the platform you are using doesn’t support the OpenGL API with EGL support.

Sorry, for some reason I didn’t notice you have replied :(. I’m running Ubuntu 12.04. I assume I’m not doing something silly (famous last words …) since the query string doesn’t actually return OpenGL as an API I can bind EGL to. I can only assume it’s not supported…