Enabling the World’s First GPU-Accelerated 5G Open RAN for NTT DOCOMO with NVIDIA Aerial

Originally published at: https://developer.nvidia.com/blog/enabling-the-worlds-first-gpu-accelerated-5g-open-ran-for-ntt-docomo-with-nvidia-aerial/

NVIDIA, working with Fujitsu and Wind River, has enabled NTT DOCOMO to launch the first GPU-accelerated commercial Open RAN 5G service in its network in Japan. This makes it the first-ever telco in the world to deploy a GPU-accelerated commercial 5G network. The announcement is a major milestone as the telecom industry strives to address the…

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Do you have any limitations because of latencies issues in your system?

Are you going to support 120kHz and higer subcarrier spacings, as per 3GPP rel17?
Thank you