EOL Notice for NVIDIA Jetson TX2 Developer Kit

The Jetson TX2 Developer Kit will stop shipping from NVIDIA at the end of 2020. Distributors will continue to sell the developer kit while supplies last, so contact your distributor to discuss purchasing timelines.

Jetson TX2 commercial modules will be available through January 2025. For customers targeting an industrial environment, Jetson TX2i remains the right choice for new product development and will be available through April 2028. Upcoming JetPack 4.x releases will support all Jetson TX2 series modules. Carrier boards and complete systems from Jetson ecosystem partners are available to support development efforts after EOL of the TX2 developer kit.

NVIDIA recommends Jetson Xavier NX for new commercial product designs, with 10X the performance of Jetson TX2 in a smaller form factor. The Jetson Xavier NX module and developer kit are priced the same as the Jetson TX2 module and developer kit.

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Very bad news for such an expensive device.


Is it expected that an education discount would be available for the Xavier NX, now that the TX2 is at EOL?

These days, we offer Jetson Nano developer kits starting at $59. (And lots of Getting Started material to go with them.)

I see, so there’s nothing for the more powerful dev kits?