Error connecting to omniverse://localhost/Isaac

Hi, I receive this error everytime I start Isaac Sim 2021.2.1. I can’t download contents for Isaac. How can I fix that?

Hello @hoanggiang! I moved your post to the Isaac Sim for Omniverse and alerted the team about your question.

Hi. Are you logged in to localhost as an admin? It looks like you do not have permissions to write to the /Isaac folder.

What is the different between as an admin or else? There is only one way to be logged in and I just did it.

The user account that was first created when installing Nucleus would be the admin account. You can test this by removing the Isaac or any root folder. You can remove the root Isaac folder with the admin account as well as download assets to it.

Well I tried, I couldn’t remove it.

Even when I am logged in as admin, I still don’t have permission to write :(

Take a look at this doc:

You can grant admin permissions to any user. It looks like the Isaac folder was created by hoangglang account. Try setting owner permissions to that user for Isaac folder.

If you would like to redo the Omniverse install, try this Cleanup tool:

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It works, it turns out I can unmount Isaac instead of removing it. After unmounting it the error disappears.

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