Error found when loading /etc/profile:

Hello.Sudo apt dist-upgrade was interrupted on 20% and now i cant boot my jetson nano.
Error found when loading /etc/profile:
/usr/bin/vulkaninfo: error while loading shared libraries:
cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
As a result the session will not be configured correctly.
You should fix problem as soon as feasible.

Is it possible to fix this problem?
(In my point of view, i only need to fully complete sudo apt dist-upgrade.Is it possible to start sudo apt dist-upgrade without boot of the jetson nano ? Maybe i can do sudo apt dist-upgrade on the sd card from command line in my pc or use force recover mode ? Could you please tell me how if it is possible?)


You may chroot into the rootfs folder on your SD card with help of QEMU:

But we don’t guarantee it will definitely work, so please re-flash the SD card if it still fails.

Thanks for your answer.Unfortunately , I couldnt chroot into the rootfs folder on my SD card and still need help.
Sequence of my actions:
1.QEMU was installed on my windows 10 [Installed in E:\Jetson]
2.Path was managed
3.Qemu was tested

4.Corrupted IMAGE SD CARD clone was greated by Win32 Disk Imager [Saved as JetsoNano1]
5.Clone was moved into QEMU folder
6.I tried to mount [JetsoNano1] but i couldnt.
Could you explain me please what to do: how to mount and how to chroot into the rootfs folder?Maybe i can just extract my files from this corrupted sd card?


it’s not going to work in Windows. Please either try Linux or simply re-flash the SD card.

Thanks for your answer.I have important data on this corrupted sd card.Can i extract my data before the re-flash?

Of course you can.
If you cannot find a real Linux PC, VM should be fine doing it, or find some software on Windows that can manipulate with ext4 partitions.

Hello.I installed ubuntu in windows with help of virtual box and mounted my corrupted image.But i still have problems.
1.I cant extract my files, because i dont have acess to some folders:

For example i cant get into home folder:

As a result i cant find folder with my files [Named “Jupiter”].

Could you explain me, please, how can i solve this problem and extract my files?

2.As i said before, i cant boot my system, because sd card is corrupted.In my point of view i cant boot, because boot folder is corrupted, so can i owerwrite a "Boot " folder on the sd card to solve the problem?
Can i create new image in the folder on my pc [using instructions: Get Started With Jetson Nano Developer Kit | NVIDIA Developer ], and then copy-paste “Boot” folder from new image to corrupted sd card ?Or maybe i need to owerwrite multiple folders? Or maybe there is another way to do the boot ?

3.I still dont get how to how to chroot into the rootfs folder on my sd card and run command sudo apt dist-upgrade.Could you give me more infromation about this, please?


Try unmounting the partition, run

fsck.ext4 /dev/xxx

mount it again to see if it gets fixed.

Looks like the whole rootfs is corrupted, and I don’t think it can be fixed with copying some random files into it.

I’d suggest a re-flash with SDK Manager if you don’t know how all this bunch of things is working.

Hello.Unfortunatelly i couldnt do that operation.I dont have r/w acess, but i am root user.There is only 1 user in this system [amd].So i should be able to do that, because i have all required permissons, but i cant.How can i solve this problem?Information from therminal:

Screenshot from 2023-08-03 15-21-45

My image file is read-only and i cant change it, i can only mount it by command:

sudo mount -o ro,noload /dev/loop11 /media/sf_Jetson

I don’t know what you are doing here.
Why is the SD card shown as a loop device? What exactly is it? /dev/loop11, /dev/loop12?

Again, please do a re-flash with SDK Manager if you don’t know how all this bunch of things is working.

OK, I got it.
Please just do all the operation on the real SD card, but not the image dumped from it.

/dev/loop11 is clone of image from sd card./dev/loop12 is a copy of a clone of image frome sd card.SD card musnt be shown as a loop device?I will try.

Did you really insert it into your PC?
It should be shown as /dev/sdx if you use an SD card reader.

No i didnt. I will try.

Looks like you don’t even know some of the basic about how Linux works…
Google for the detail before you run any command that you don’t fully understand the logic behind it.

Yes i dont know Linux basics.I almost extracted my files, but I dont have permissons.Could you explain me, please, how to get the permission?I have only 1 user in ubuntu and should be able to do that operation, but i cant.
Screenshot from 2023-08-03 16-51-09

Use terminal here.
Just run it again with sudo if you encounter any permission issues…


sudo <file you want to copy> <path where you want to copy into>

in case dealing with a folder

sudo -r <folder you want to copy> <path where you want to copy into>

I feel like it’s not anything specific to NVIDIA’s products, and you should be able to find the answer with some simple Google searches.

Success!All files have been extracted.Thanks a lot.

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