Error nvc compiler for sample example in openacc


This is the first time with openACC. I have installed hpc sdk 22.5. I am trying to run a sample example from openacc folder with make. But that didn’t work

pgacclnk: child process exit status 1: /usr/bin/ld
Makefile:28: recipe for target ‘build’ failed

How do I resolve this?


Hi Govind,

Looks like you systems is missing the linker (ld), or it may be installed in a non-standard location.

While you can get it as part of the binutils package (Binutils - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation), I’m guessing that your system may be missing other development tools as well. Look at you OS packaging for something like a core development package which for some OS is not installed by default.


Hi Mat,

I have updated Binutils but still could not resolve the issue. I try to look at mpi:

nvc 22.5-0 64-bit target on x86-64 Linux -tp haswell

nvc++ 22.5-0 64-bit target on x86-64 Linux -tp haswell
NVIDIA Compilers and Tools
NVIDIA Compilers and Tools

I am not get which are core development packages missing.


As of now, I resolved. After building some essentials, it got worked.


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