Error: poll_for-swr: timeot. Configuration not showing up after flashing jetson xavier module

“Please complete system configuration setup on the serial port provided”. There is no pop up showing for configuration after successful flashing of AGX module. Instead, it gives me timeot error and net eth0: failed to poll MAC software reset. please suggest next steps

Hi vamshidhar.patlola,

What JetPack version you used to flash into?

Did you setup a display monitor to output through the HDMI?
You should see the ubuntu desktop pop-up for the default system configurations.

I am using Jetson AGX Xavier S/N 1560421006839

  1. I Flash using the command sudo ./ jetson-xavier mmcblk0p1 using the linux laptop. Right window in the pic shows flash successful. The flash process is happening over micro-USB. No HDMI is connected.
  2. then I Wait for the boot process to complete on the left window but deafult system configuration does not come up.
    Is it possible it has do to something with laptop?

I mean the JeckPack version (software), not model and S/N.
Are you using the devkit or custom board with this module?

System Configuration would come up at an external monitor, not at your host PC (laptop). You might need a monitor connected from the board to setup oem-config.

Or you could refer the following link to setup oem-config before flash.
Flashing Support - Skipping oem-config

I am using a custom board developed by the internal design team to flash “Linux for Tegra (R32.4.3)”. The above process I described, it worked on other linux laptop without connecting any monitor. It’s just that it will take one week for me to get access to that working laptop. In the meantime I am just trying to figure out why this laptop is not showing system configuration. I will go through the documents you shared.

You mean that “System Configuration” from the board would show up on other linux laptop?

I guess the JetPack package (Linux for Tegra (R32.4.3)) in the working laptop have been finished the process of skpping oem-config which I mentioned before, so it could make the board boot up without connecting external monitor.

Just to give you more idea. This pic shows the setup from working linux laptop. On the left side of the pic you can see system configuration popping up on the window

This is headless mode which doesn’t need an external monitor for system configuration. You need to use application like putty or screen for this purpose.
Please refer following link for details.
Headless Mode Flow in oem-config

If you don’t have an external monitor, I would suggest you setup with headless mode or skipping oem-config which I mentioned before.

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