Error to compile hello.f program using PGI workstation

Hi, I installed PGI workstation (32-bit) and ISML into my school PC (Window 7, 32-bit OS, AMD Phenom™ II X4 925 Processor, RAM 4.00GB).

Then I prepared the following input file.

For hello.f

program Hello
write(,) “Hello world”
end program

When I try to compile the above calculation using PGI workstation
pgfortran hello.f

pgfortran -o hello hello.f

But, I always receive the following
error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _imp_EncodePointer@4
error LNK2019: unresoloved external symbol _imp_GetTickCount6400 referenced in function _ioinit

So, I cannot further to another step, i.e. execute the program.
I already try many ways to solve the program. For example, I re-install the Window 7 and PGI software. I still get the same results in the end.

Please help me, and please provide me some suggestion that how to hsolve the problem.



I have not seen this one before but the error seems to indicate a mismatch in the VS C runtime that’s being targeted versus the one being linked. Though, I’d expect a few more unresolved symbols if this were correct.

Please rerun your compilation with the verbose (-v) flag and “–keeplnk”.

pgfortran -o hello hello.f -v --keeplnk

Please then post the verbose output as well as the contents of the “pgi.lnk” file.