Errors: Disable online augmentation RetinaNet


in the documentation for the TLT 3.0 the information to disable the online augmentation in the RetinaNet (lower note) is not quite correct and leads to errors. I use the TLT 3.0 version from 06.09.21 (v3.0-py3).

If the min and max parameters random_crop_scale and/or zoom_out_scale are both set to 1.0 or 1 as described in the note, the training aborts with the following error message:

ValueError: It must be `min_scale < max_scale`.  

and if you set the random_crop_ar (min and max) parameters to 1 the following error message is generated:

ValueError: It must be `min_aspect_ratio < max_aspect_ratio`.

You can work around the problems with minimally different values (the following values are the smallest possible):

augmentation_config {
    output_width: 672
    output_height: 384
    output_channel: 3
    random_crop_min_scale: 0.9999999
    random_crop_max_scale: 1.0
    random_crop_min_ar: 0.9999999
    random_crop_max_ar: 1.0
    zoom_out_min_scale: 1.0
    zoom_out_max_scale: 1.0000001
    brightness: 0
    contrast: 0
    saturation: 0
    hue: 0
    random_flip: 0

Can you reproduce this discrepancy between documentation and program or I am doing something wrong?

P.S. I am very thankful that in v3.0-py3 compared to v3.0-dp-py3 there is now the possibility to turn off the online augmentation in the RetinaNet.

Thanks for the finding. I will check internally.