Ethernet adapter with RDMA support (RoCE or iWARP implementation)


My question probably doesn’t make sense, but here it is. I must transmit an image of a resolution X from a host to the GPU memory of another host using a protocol of my choice (RoCE or iWARP). When I do my research to find an ethernet adapter that supports RDMA with one of the protocols listed above, several of them don’t mention GPUDirect RDMA support but rather only RoCE or iWARP which implement RDMA. In order to be able to transmit the received packets directly to the GPU memory, do we have to support GPUDirect RDMA or only RDMA does the job?

Thanks in advance


You have to support GPUDirect RDMA (meaning, you need a driver that specifically has been customized by the NIC vendor to support this kind of direct transfer to GPU memory). Such a driver will typically leverage RoCE capabilities within the ethernet driver. However RoCE support by itself is not enough to do a direct transfer to GPU memory from the NIC.

Thanks Robert you have been a great help!