Example codes and reffrence for Rdma GPUDirect

Currently, I’ve managed to capture UDP data packets transmitted from an FPGA through a ConnectX-4 Ethernet adapter card, saving them into a .bin file using raw_qp because FPGA was transmitting data to port 4660. Now, my goal is to directly transfer this data from the ConnectX-4 to the memory of a Tesla K80 GPU using GPUdirect RDMA.

Could someone assist me with the necessary steps to achieve this task?
1)I’m looking for resources where I can learn about the process ,
2)any example code references that may be available.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Adv,

Thank you for posting your query on NVIDIA Community Forum.

Please refer to the following links for information on GPUDirect RDMA → GPUDirect RDMA