Examples of FFTs using Exp and Pow.

Do you guys know if there are any example of CUDA programs with calculations using Exp (e) to the power of something ie. i (sqrt of -1) etc? The two functions are from math.h I believe of mathconstant.h, exp and pow. I read that it’s not possible to include them in a .cu file.

Whilst the FFT examples are good for starters, there’s not much on this front.

If any of you have a link to one, do share please.

Also, why do the Nvidia folk not have a sticky thread for basic questions on here? I hate having to make new threads every time I have a little question or request.

If I understand your question correctly, you would like to know whether CUDA supports exp() and pow() for complex numbers. The answer is “no”. Other than for some basic arithmetic exposed via cuComplex.h, there is no support for complex arithmetic. The CUDA math library supports the full set of C99 math library functions for float and double operands, plus some extras such as erfcinv, erfcinv, rcbrt, exp10, sincos, rsqrt, etc.

I am not sure what this has to do with FFTs, but will point out that CUDA comes with an extensive FFT library called CUFFT, so there is probably no need for you to “roll your own”.