Explainer: What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Originally published at: Artificial Intelligence – What is it and Why Does it Matter?

In its most fundamental form, AI is the capability of a computer program or a machine to think, learn, and take action without being explicitly encoded with commands.

Just like how efficient users uses advanced tech to give you an amazing gaming experience, AI is changing the game in many other fields too!

In healthcare, AI helps doctors analyze scans quickly and predict patient needs. In retail, it helps stores like Walmart predict what products you’ll want and makes shopping faster with checkout-free stores. In telecommunications, AI improves call quality and boosts 5G capabilities. For banks, AI helps manage portfolios and detect fraud in real-time. In industries, AI predicts equipment issues before they happen, keeping everything running smoothly.

AI is making a big difference everywhere, just like it does in other industries and digital field.