Extension of Lab Time

Dear Nvidia DLI Team,

I am new on the Platform and recently bought my first course course-v1:DLI+S-AC-04+V1 (Getting Started with Accelerated Computing in CUDA C/C++.

I would like to ask for an extension of the Lab Time. I can’t get my certificate as well due to the time limit.

Is an extension of my Lab Time possible, if not, what could I else do? Buy the course again?

Second question:

Is there a corresponding course or will there be a corresponding course for Fundamentals of Accelerated Computing with CUDA C/C++ in the self-paced online course section?

How can I receive an Invitation for this course, since it states that “By Invitation Only”.

Thank you for your help. I’m quite excited about my journey on the NVIDIA platform.

Hi Mark,

Welcome to the forums! I was able to grant you an additional 8 hours. I will need one of the DLI folks to comment on your other question.

@tdahlin Can you please chime in?


Hi @markbilginer, the “Getting Started” course is the self-paced version of the “Fundamentals” course, and they both contain the same materials. We use slightly different naming conventions for a few of our courses to distinguish between the self-paced and instructor-led courses.

Hi Tom,

Thank you for the swift response and for the generous extension of lab time. Your assistance is greatly appreciated! Looking forward to continuing my learning journey on the NVIDIA platform.

Best regards,

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Hello tdahlin,

Thank you for the clarification regarding the course naming conventions and content. It’s great to know that the ‘Getting Started’ course aligns with the ‘Fundamentals’ course I was interested in. This makes it easier to navigate the offerings and ensures I don’t miss any critical learning.

Best regards,

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