Eye tracking -> foveated rendering

As I estimate there is impossible to use eye tracking for foveated rendering in CloudXR:

  • best latency for client → server render → client is ~100ms
  • eye movement (saccade) is upto 900°/s
    → up to 90° in one render cycle that is nearly the same as headset FOV

Or I am wrong and all latency problems can be solved in CloudXR (Latency Requirements for Foveated Rendering in Virtual Reality) ?

I would be surprised if you can. But realistically the point of CloudXR is to allow you to not need foveated rendering really…

It’d be fine for eye tracking for other purposes I imagine (gameplay, blink detection, etc) just not Foveated Rendering


Eye tracking + foveated rendering is definitely possible in CloudXR. However, the actual visual impact of having the foveated center delayed in relation to eye movement is not clear yet. It is something that can be looked into for the future, however.