Failed to capture using frame debugger with collecting shader reflection


I’m using a Nsight Graphics 2023.3.2 to profile my D3D12 app.
and tested in Geforce driver 531.79 and 537.42

An error occurs after endless waiting when I capturing frame and the progress bar is stopped at 50% with a message ‘building event database…’. While it progress, there are massive memory usages, so that go through over my budget (32GB RAM), disk usage also grows.

I’ve tried to solve this trouble by turning on and off several options, so that finally the capture is done where an option ‘collect shader reflection’ is disabled.

However, this option is pretty important to check out details of an outstanding pipeline stages quickly, so that is quite struggle without it. Also modifying shaders won’t work in the settings.



Thanks for using Nsight Graphics and give us your feedback. I am sorry that you meet this issue, but it’s hard for us to investigate the issue. Could you share a tiny sample to reproduce your issue locally? That will help the team to identify and fix the issue quickly.