Failed to upload Razor 9DoF IMU firmware using Jetson Xavier

Hey all,
as the title suggests, I cannot upload Razor 9DoF IMU firmware using Jetson Xavier. Why? Can someone help me?

What error did you hit? Could you share how to upload such fw?

Dear WayneWWW,
the product is this one:
I would use it to interface with ROS, as detailed in the ROS wiki here:
I have a very basic knowledge at the moment, but I stuck at this point:
[i]"Plug the Razor USB cable into your ROS workstation
Restart the Arduino IDE
Open the Razor_AHRS sketch in Arduino. Select the Razor_AHRS tab.

In Arduino:
Look at the top of the Razor_AHRS.ino file, it contains useful information about the firmware.

There is a section labeled “USER SETUP AREA” where you can set some firmware defaults, including the board type.

Caution: choose the correct Razor hardware revision when compiling and uploading the firmware to the board. The setting is located in Razor_AHRS.ino under “HARDWARE OPTIONS”!

Go to “Tools” → “Board” and select “Arduino Pro or Pro Mini (3.3v, 8mhz) w/ATmega328”. Note: in Aduino 1.5+, the board menu doesn’t allow selecting the voltage/frequency; go to the Processor menu after selecting “Arduino Pro or Pro Mini” and select “ATMega 328 (3.3V, 8Mhz)”

Go to “Tools” → “Serial Port” and select the port used with the Razor.

Go to “File” and hit “Upload to I/O Board”. After a short while at the bottom of the Arduino code window it should say “Done uploading”."

Because ARDUINO IDE tells me that the two processor architectures are different. Thanks.

Are you using Arduino IDE on Xaiver…?

Yes, is this a problem?
Could I flash the firmware from a different PC with UBUNTU and ROS, and then compile the rest in ROS with the Xavier to use that IMU with Xavier?
Sorry for my poor knowledge.

I really cannot tell if Arduino IDE can work on Xavier or not. It seems Arduino IDE has ARM version, so I guess it should at least run.

What kind of interface is between this IMU and Xavier?

Arduino IDE seems to work fine on Xavier. I can run it. Anyway, Icannot proceed in flashing the firmware on the IMU since there is a compatibility issue between the Xavier’s processor and the IMU’s one…

Then I could share nothing here. Please contact the vendor of this IMU to get correct firmware or ask them how to send the fw on ARM arch.


Why not use the IMU on list?