.fbx exports don't work and I don't understand the omniverse

Hello, I hope you don’t mind but I have some general questions about the omniverse and digital twins along with a more specific technical bug which I think should be answerable by anyone somewhat familiar with the the omniverse.

I’ll ask the more techincal question first.

Notice how at the end it says it can’t find Rick_Roll_Bridge.usdz[0/RickRollBridge02_Model_2_u1_v1_baseColor.jpg]? Well, I used https://filext.com/file-extension/USDZ to open that file and that file DOES exist. …I have uninstalled and reinstalled the entire omniverse in an attempt to fix this problem. I am only using the default settings. But I’m not an animator so I don’t know a whole lot about these file formats and if this is a normal problem or not. Can you please advise me on how I can fix this problem? …it’s preventing me from doing this tutorial .

My second question is also from a newcomers perspective so I hope you don’t mind if I group these two together. I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around the omniverse. I guess my first question would be something like …“why is nvidea so convinced that digital twins will be relevant”? I watched Building Virtual Worlds with Omniverse - GTC November 2021 Keynote Part 4 and it seems like NVIDEA believes there will be a new kind of internet, using proprietary NVIDEA technology, that perfectly models planet earth at a physics level. Plus there will be all kinds of other worlds. Am I understanding that right because it seems unrealistic to me. I could explain more than this but for one I think it has been established that people don’t want to live in VR. …how is NVIDEA planning to monetize creating a twin of the planet? How can they claim it is like HTML when it uses proprietary technology. …I’ll stop.

I think if you look at the error message it failed to copy from that USDZ path to a destination path that seems to end with a square brackets but has no open square brackets. I think the square brackets is used for “this file is inside the USDZ (its a ZIP)”. It looks like something got confused and messed up the path names - e.g. it took the characters after the trailing “.” or the last “/” which (incorrectly) meant the closing “]” got included.

Regarding the second question, Omniverse can be used for many different things, but that does not mean all those uses is why NVIDIA created it. It picked USD to support because USD is an industry standard adopted by many tools in the space. (Its from Pixar originally.)

Digital twins does not necessarily mean modeling the whole world - it could be a factory floor. For example, train new staff with a 3D model before they visit the factory, so they know the safe paths when there are robots on the floor as well. Or check the safety of people walking around a factory before installing a new unit - does it result in people walking closer to the industrial robot arm that would injure people if they were hit by it.

Or can I detect a faulty part due to a sensor raising an alarm - show me exactly where the part is so I can send a person to go repair it, and they know exactly where to go.

It also can be useful for training self driving cars. Instead of real world conditions, create lots of different situations via 3D graphics (different weather, different road conditions, different times of day, etc) and check the self driving car models work on it well. Can it spot small children on the road at night in the rain correctly? If a car has to swerve to miss a child or a cat on the road, which does it pick?

These are practical problems that are being faced today where it can reduce costs.

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