FCN Alexnet model pruning


I have been looking at the example in the jetson-inference repo using TensorRT.
The segnet example using the Nvidia FPV aerial dataset model is pruned.

I found this paper this paper https://arxiv.org/abs/1510.00149 on how to prune a model.
I would like to do the same thing on my custom model. Is it possible to do it directly in DIGITS ? And How ?

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Hi Austriker, the process isn’t integrated with DIGITS. At present you would need to implement it from the paper or find an open-source tool or similar.

Hi Dusty,

Thank you for you answer. Does TensorRT 2.1 supports Sparse Matrix ? or does the Nvidia FPV model use another pruning technique which make is usable with tensorRT.

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To my knowledge it’s still operating in dense mode, however if you’d like you may be able to define a custom layer plugin for TensorRT2 that invokes the cuSPARSE CSRMV kernel that’s mentioned in the arXiv paper. Even so the performance is not bad.