Few issues report about Jetpack 6

Thank the Jetson team for your hard work!

I just tried Jetpack 6 and got a few questions:

  • It seems there is no GPU acceleration for Chromium video play
  • It seems the ACPI mode is broken. The system won’t boot and is stuck on the pre-booting screen
  • How to install a custom Linux kernel? For example, install Ubuntu’s HWE kernel (6.2) for the newest improvements

Are you trying this Jetson Linux 36.2 | NVIDIA Developer? Or the EA version?

Yes, the DP version and a fresh installation via SDK manager. The Chromium was installed by the initial configuration wizard, which is snap-sandboxed. Test video play from YouTube, random pick one.

Switching to ACPI mode after the first reboot after the system flashed

For enabling WebGL in Chromium, please try this:
Webgl support on orin - #8 by DaneLLL

For enabling different kernel version, please refer to
Bring Your Own Kernel — NVIDIA Jetson Linux Developer Guide 1 documentation

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