ffmpeg and hardware accelerated overlay


I’m trying to do some overlay with ffmpeg, but as far I see, I think the overlay filter is not GPU accelerated, is any way to do it the GPU way? (ffmpeg or others, provided it’s fast)

Here is my working CPU only solution:

ffmpeg -y \
-i background.png \
-i overlay_image.png \
-i overlay_video.webm \
-c:v libx264 \
-b:v 10M \
-pix_fmt yuv420p \
-r 30 \
-an \
-filter_complex "[0:v][1:v]overlay[V1];\

So what I’m trying to achieve is the following:

  • one background image
  • on to of it another image (with alpha transparency)
  • on top of this, a video (with alpha transparency)

So nothing fancy, but I’m out of ideas right now.



Any update on this topic? I am trying to achieve something similar.

Hi, the latest FFMPEG comes with the overlay_cuda filter, see How to use FFMPEG overlay_cuda filter to create SBS video

I solved how to use it for a SBS video.