Find Programs using the GPU (locking set mosaic command)

I am trying to create a program that uses the NVAPI interface to enable/disable warp.

A problem i am running into when trying to set a new resoloution (with overlap) that some program locks the driver and prohibits changing the resoloution.

The setmosaic commandline tool checks this, and throws an error with the programs locking the driver.

Is there a way to do this check through the NVAPI?

I found the call NvAPI_EnumAppStatistics, but i can’t find any documentation on this call.

or is the sourcecode of the setmosaic.exe program available somewhere?

Hi s.geus

Slides 19 to 21 ( Slide 1 ( will give you some hints in terms of how the configuremosaic.exe app works.

The NVAPI calls you I think you are looking for are NvAPI_QueryNonMigratableApps which will return a list of applications that are currently running on the GPU that need to be stopped prior to changing the mode on the driver.

Unfortunately, that call is only part of the NDA version of NVAPI. If you don’t have access to the NDA version you will need to contact your NVIDIA rep to get an NDA in place.