Flashing R35.1 problem


After flashing R35.1 into my Jetson Orin DevKit I got below message,

However I can’t see any GUI on my screen after the nvidia logo. And if I use the serial port connect to Orin at this moment, it goes to login? (After refresh I think I should be led to the system guide GUI for account set up. I don’t even know what is “localhost” account)

flash_log.txt (79.6 KB)

Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS localhost.localdomain ttyTCU0

localhost login:

I have already tried several times for flashing. How to fix this problem?

Best Regard.

hello InnocentE,

had you executed l4t_create_default_user.sh before image flashing?
please try running this script file to create default user accounts and re-flash the target again.
you may see-also Skipping oem-config for reference, thanks

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