Flex LM issue for a laptop

I’m using two pieces of software (IDL and PGI) that require a flexlm license server on my macbook pro.

The problem comes when working at home vs working at the office. Naturally, the MAC address remains the same but the hostname changes between being at home (name.local) and being at work (name.domain.edu). As such I have to edit the license.dat files to make things happy if I’m working from home/work as appropriate. If it’s set for home all is well at home: on login both licenses fire up and work without me thinkng about it. And the same goes for the office when it’s set for there.

I have to assume that there is an easier way so I don’t have to intervene each time I fire up my licenses (or rig). I have both my machine.local and machine.domain.edu listed with the address in my /etc/hosts file but that isn’t doing it.

Does anyone else have a similar issue and has cracked it?


I wanted post this on the forum as well. You should be able to use ‘localhost’
in both environments, when e/tc/hosts has that name mapped to the loop-back

If it does not work, your IT people should be able to point out what is wrong.

You indicated that

“localhost” IS working on the sdsmt.edu domain AND when I don’t have
any wireless or landline (.local).

so I think you may have a solution.