Flexible Cameras?

I’m wondering if there are any cameras with APIs as flexible and well-structured as the picamera module. The GStreamer interface has nearly zero documentation, with the official docs just being a command reference, providing nothing new over nvgstcapture-1.0 --help. I have not found Python documentation aside from a few third-party tutorials that provide a single command with no explanation.

While the RPI camera is capable of fairly sophisticated behavior, it looks like the GStreamer interface restricts it to 5 set (capture size / FPS) tuples. I’ve found that there’s synchronization issues if the read rate is significantly slower than the recording rate (using OpenCV in Python).

I would like to be able to take low resolution images about once per second, starting a 10-15 FPS stream at higher resolution if I’ve detected an object, and then starting a full quality, full FPS stream afterwards. I was unable to find any support with this. Would it be easier to purchase an RPi and interface this with my Nano?

hello gerardmaggiolino,

you may check these camera modules of IMX219 that works with Jetson-Nano.
please contact with Preferred Partners for camera solutions.

you should also check Camera Software Development Solution for the documentation.
please also refer to L4T Multimedia API Reference for Multimedia API Sample Applications.

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Thanks for the detailed response :) From my understanding, if I’m looking for more specific use cases, I should be able to use V4L2 or Libargus directly. Bit of a beginner question, what would be differences between these be? It seems that Libargus is just a differing interface to the same V4L controller. A C level interface that provides frame rate, resolution, gain, and white balance adjustment would be ideal, so not sure which development path to go down; don’t have any experience with either libraries.

hi gerardmaggiolino,

please refer to Camera Architecture Stack,
v4l2src based-on a standard Linux V4L2 application that uses direct kernel IOCTL calls;
libargus and nvarguscamerasrc that went through [Camera Core], which also enable ISP supports.

you might also contact with Jetson Preferred Partners for camera solutnios.