Flow control on UART0

I’m having trouble enabling serial flow control on UART0. I’m wondering if it’s even possible because according to page 7,8 of this doc: http://developer.download.nvidia.com/embedded/L4T/r24_Release_v1.0/Docs/Tegra_Linux_Driver_Package_Software_Feature_List_24.1_Updated.pdf?autho=1467702882_8dfd9671bd19f06d566c6bdfae6c7771&file=Tegra_Linux_Driver_Package_Software_Feature_List_24.1_Updated.pdf
hardware flow control is only available on UART2, 3. Is that true or am I misunderstanding?

The backstory is I’m using a TX1 which is mounted on an AUVidea.eu J120 carrier board (I have the NVidia dev board available as well) and UART0 is connected to a Pixhawk flight controller (running ArduPilot). The instructions on how to connect the boards is here: http://ardupilot.org/dev/docs/companion-computer-nvidia-tx1.html

The two are successfully communicating at 921600 baud as long as I don’t enable flow control. I think getting flow control working is important to allow high speed communication with little corruption (I’m seeing some corruption on the link).

I must admit that I have no idea how to enable/disable flow control on a linux machine.

AUVidea.eu: http://auvidea.eu/
ArduPilot: http://ardupilot.org/ardupilot/index.html

Hi rmackay9,

Per http://ardupilot.org/dev/docs/companion-computer-nvidia-tx1.html, seems there is no CTS/RTS connection between J120 carrier board and Pixhawk board (only Ground, TX, RX). If you enable flow control, there will be no feedback and so the communication fail.