Force a loop to vectorize

I have a loop body with a lot of statements that is just refusing to vectorize, the output with -Minfo says that its not beneficial to vectorize. I want to see if this really the case, so I want to force the compiler to generate vector instructions. Is there a way to bypass the compiler cost model?

I have tried to add the following pragmas to the loop
#pragma loop ivdep
#pragma loop vector

I have also tried to add the following flags to the compilation "-fast -fastsse -Mvect=simd:256 -Mvect=nosizelimit ".

I am not posting the code here since the code is auto-generated and is too messy to read, and is not really relevant to my query.

Hi Mahesh,

It appears that you tried all the usual ways to force vectorization. At this point we would need to see the code to better understand what’s going on. Can you send a reproducing example to PGI Customer Service (