Fortran Intrinsic SIGN

I notice that SIGN Fortran intrinsic is not implemented for Cuda Fortran or OpenACC. There are plans to add that?

SIGN should be supported in device code. Is there something specific that’s not working as expected?

See section 3.6.3 of the CUDA Fortran Programming Guide:

You are right. I checked and there is an interface overwriting the SIGN intrinsic. Thank you for your answer!

You’re welcome. I’m curious why you thought that SIGN wasn’t supported? Is there some document that indicates this? If so, I’ll look into get it corrected.

pgfortran was complaining about lack of device function SIGN in an OpenACC on a parallel region, it was unknown to me there was a “hide” interface using the intrinsic name SIGN. Add $!acc routine gang to the function definition solves the error.
I look into the documentation but for some reason I did not saw the SIGN. Maybe I’m overworking. Thanks again, and sorry by the wrong assertion.