Fresh GCC support for the CUDA of the TK1... When?

Hi all!

I’ve download latest (from the 21.5 release) CUDA for the TK1 and was discovering that NVIDIA still doesn’t allow to use any gcc younger than 4.8. So may someone from the NVIDIA’s team tell me why update of “cuda-6.5/include/host_config.h” file is so hard, 'cause keep installed gcc4.8 only for the CUDA and Linaro 5.xx for other parts of the system at least uneasy.

Thank you

Hi avolkov

There is no plan to update gcc or CUDA support for TK1 for now.


I’m sorry, but in this case how do you assume to support this chip up to 2022? Or do you propose for everyone to keep the gcc4.8 only for the CUDA staff?