From hardware to version of driver


Is there a tool to give a hint of driver version compatible with a specific hardware ?
Having a M2090, I spent half a day to know which was the driver version to be installed .
By chance, I found an installer with the keyword ‘diagnostic’ (
I run it and I got : “this system is supported through the NVIDIA 390.xx legacy”
Good news expected for hours. For information I installed Driver Version: 390.138 , and I could use the GPU, cool !

But I need a more official tool

I also tried to use the Form, But I didn’t succeed


I am not aware of a list that leads directly from compute capability to driver version. Which doesn’t mean such a list might not exist somewhere. For Windows drivers, I simply tell NVIDIA’s driver download page what my hardware is, and it guides me to the latest available driver for that hardware. I haven’t tried that for Linux drivers. It may not work for hardware that has long been obsolete, like the M2090.

There are tables showing (1) compute capabilities supported by particular CUDA versions and (2) minimum driver versions required for particular CUDA versions. M2090 is compute capability 2.0. From this table we see that the last CUDA version that supported it was CUDA 8.0. From this table the minimum driver version for the final version of CUDA 8.0 is 375.xx

That doesn’t tell us exactly which version was the last version that supported a particular piece of hardware, but it provides enough of a reference that one can get to a working combination.

Go to: Unix Driver Archive

There review the article: What’s a legacy driver?

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