GeForce Driver for aarch64 (64-bit ARM)

Considering that it is now possible to get a 64-bit ARM system with PCIe x16 slots and large amounts of RAM (e.g. Gigabyte MP30-AR0, two PCIe x16 slots, 8 DIMM slots, up to 128GB of RAM), it would be most helpful if Nvidia could provide at least an experimental aarch64 driver for GeForce cards.

While it will be a while before many of us are gaming on aarch64 systems (except for open source games), it would still be useful for decent desktop graphics acceleration and NVENC encoding (e.g. realtime streaming transcoding for media servers like Emby).

Please, Nvidia, give this request some consideration.

Dear all

Does NVIDIA have plan to offer aarch64 support ?

I am on a research project with xilinx Zynqmp (4 x ARM A53) on high throughput image processing mixing fpga/gpu approach. I would like to put a geforce on PCIe …

Even NDA, early access program, limited beta support is worth considering…


Hello nVidia

now when team released very affordable RockPro64 Single Board Computer

It would be reasonable finally to make some effort for Linux 64-bit ARM nvidia drivers at least from 600 series GPUS…
This board looks like first one, that actually will beat for price/performance level popularity of legacy raspberry.
If we could implement drivers that will help to run NVIDIA graphics cards on that Gen2 PCIe x4 slot…
If not we probably should ask AMD… and after many decades move to their products xD

There’s a bit more involved in this, namely the VBIOS:
Just having an arm board with pcie, a graphics card and arm drivers is simply not enough. So while it’s possible, getting a tailored uefi firmware or a special arm edition graphics card from any brand is the niche of a niche of a niche. Don’t hold your breath;)

I know that. That is not the point.
The point is that Raspberry is legacy and weak system. Time to move on.
A year or so ago pcie on SBC was luxury: most devices cost 200+ euros, so for that price point…
Even Windows 10 x64 arm drivers might be good if it can run on rockpro64.
Actually it would be nice to make SBC as small game development rig {for indie developers}, cause now iGPU’s are weak, development on a desktop or mid-range laptop cause troubles on graphics parts, cause game runs under 10 or 5 fps, and hard to troubleshoot optimization problems, with dedicated gpu that has about 10-20x more gflops performance would be much easier that using powerfull tablet or smartphone. cause rk3399 with dual ddr3 has performance per clock ratio like sandy or ivy bridge mobile, which is reasonable fast for most games.

well waiting for arriving of rockpro64 anyway, need to have hands on first for further requests.

i got my board and i was very sad when my nvidia drivers wouldn’t install… because there aren’t any!

please nvidia, make it… i must has for my RockPro64.

It needs to do the object detections plz

nVidia’s Jetson TX line has support. CUDA 6.5 has 340.xx arm64 dkms driver and thats all.
Unfortnately nVidia didn’t continue arm64 line nvidia driver maybe because Jetson products.
Maybe its time to start aarch64le support even if drop ppc64le.

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NVIDIA provides CUDA on ARM ( And at the same time, Huawei Cloud provides ARM servers (VPS) based on the ARM CPU produced on their own. I tried installing the CUDA 10.2 on that server, but the install of the driver is failed (the other parts succeed). The good news is that the compiler works and the installer includes the driver. However, the bad news is that the server does not include any CUDA-enabled GPU, and the driver is failed to be installed. Meanwhile, which GPU is supported by the driver is unknown.

I think if RockPro64 wants to use a CUDA-enabled GPU, the power supply and driver is the biggest problem.

Hope someone who has RockPro64 and CUDA-enabled GPU can test ``CUDA on ARM’’. If it works, I will buy one too!

The power supply is not a problem anymore. I found a pcie4x to pcie16x adapter with power supply.