Get Started with Generative AI Development for Windows PCs with NVIDIA RTX

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Generative AI and large language models (LLMs) are changing human-computer interaction as we know it. Many use cases would benefit from running LLMs locally on Windows PCs, including gaming, creativity, productivity, and developer experiences. This post discusses several NVIDIA end-to-end developer tools for creating and deploying both text-based and visual LLM applications on NVIDIA RTX…

Is a Windows workstation really a requirement or will my submission also be evaluated if it was created with Linux?

Thank for your interest - we would love to see all generative AI projects that run on RTX.

The contest specifically requires use of Windows PC to run your primary generative AI model, with either TensorRT or TensorRT-LLM.

Learn more about the contest here: NVIDIA Gen AI on RTX PCs Developer Contest!