Gnome night light not working under Wayland

I’m also requesting this feature. Xorg is laggy for me, and Wayland is the only thing that’s smooth. The lack of blue light filtering is literally the only thing preventing me from ditching Windows, because I want the smooth experience. Please fix this with the next driver update!

My monitor does have blue light filtering, but it’s nowhere near enough what I use. I have my monitor’s filtering maxed out + blue light filter of the OS at like 60%+ when it’s dark. It makes a huge difference on eyes with longer sessions, trust me (on top of having brightness of the monitor down)

Next generation of cards all the way at the end of 2022? There is 0% chance I’m waiting that long. I still have a 1060 GPU so I need an upgrade and if this isn’t fixed in a few weeks, I will likely be jumping ship when I upgrade.

Same bug in Ubuntu 22.04 !!! I need to use X11 because of the issue with Night Light, I work all day in front of my PC and I can’t use Wayland (the default option) because of this bug. nvidia fix it!!

Just wanted to mention, quoting an NVIDIA dev, “Support for GAMMA_LUT is in the queue, but no ETA at the moment.” Posted March 23rd.

Same problem from ubuntu 18.04 to 22.04, i use a gtx 1060 from 5 years ago to now and have the same problem. nvidia developers code with their elbows. the driver is a minimally functional mess.

Can NVIDIA Employees give some information about the latest situation? This is an extremely important feature. I would like to know that.