Golden Image VM acquires license, MCS desktop VM's don't.


Already running XenDesktop with GRID K2 we’re now on a trial with M60.
Created a Windows 10 VM on XenServer 7.0 (all updates) as Golden Image.
This VM does acquire a valid license. All works well.

Created a Machine Category based on this Golden Image (MCS).
These VM’s running XenDesktop do have the correct License Server IP (or DNS name) and port 7070 in the license tab.
However they do not get a valid license from the server.

Turned off the firewall. Can ping the license server.
The Jetty:// webserver is responding in a webbrowser.

What could be wrong?


I did some further testing.

The golden image does acquire a valid license.

When I create a Machine Catalog each machine that’s created boots at first creation.
The initialization phase. In this phase it acquires a license.

The first time I login to the VM with Citrix Receiver it also acquires a license.

Every next time it doesn’t.
Until I do a reset of the pVdisk. In that case it gets a license again.
And again, first login ok. Next logins; no license.

Pooled random machines always get a license.
And Static machines with changes saved to local disk also get a license every time I log in.
For both there is no pVdisk.

Anyone an idea? Or having XenDesktop working with Nvidia licensing?


Think I found the problem.

I licensed the golden image, filled in the license server name.
Though every VM in the catalog had this license server in the dialog correct, it didn’t get a valid license.

Then I made a golden image and did NOT license it.
So I had to license every single VM in the catalog.
But now every VM got it’s license.

How did you solve this problem? i ran into similar issues

Try this:

Having this same issue now. Did you ever resolve it, or was not licensing the gold image and using a GPO to license the MCS VMs the resolution?


you should make sure that you don’t license the master template. Please use a GPO with ServerAddress and FeatureType instead to make sure that the VMs get a license.
Flexera is very restrictive and may detect similarities when the master template is licensed and blockes the other VMs from getting a license.