Got Python 3.8, how do I get OpenCV to load now?

I installed Python 3.8 (pretty simple process) and even compiled 3.11 using the tutorial from JetsonHacks.

Now the old Python 2.7.7 and Python 3.6.9 load OpenCV (CV2 4.1.1.) just fine, like they did before. No trouble here.

The new python 3.8 or 3.11 do not see the cv2 module.

How do I get these python versions to see the existing cv2 module version 4.1.1?

if I try to install a new version of OpenCV, I end up with an older version, 3.3 or something like that.



You will need to build/install OpenCV for the custom Python version.

Below is a script for building OpenCV from the source.
You can try it by updating the command for the Python version you used.


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