GPGPU survey

Hello, im currently making my 5th academic year and in that case i realise a professional thesis about General-Purpose computation on Graphics Processing Units. More precisely, i’ll cover these questions :
- What are the gpgpu’s constraints and possibilities
- How to use or adapt existing code? (heavy computations delegation)
- What future for this technology

In that context, i’m appealing to you to estimate and target the actual implementation with the following survey : GPGPU survey

I can give you a copy on simple request (but it will be in french)

Thank you.

(sorry if i posted in the false topic, just let me know)

It would be realy kind and usefull to me to have a little more responses.

Sorry for my english, i’m french…

Thank you.

It takes 30 seconds to fill, dont be scared!

Firstly, i want to thank you for your responses and comments.I got approximately 40 answers (+10 in a french forum)
I’ll stop the survey in 1 week, and after that i’ll publish some results deduced from it.

The same post was created in the General CUDA GPU Computing Discussion. If you are interested in it, he is more active (sorry for that, didn’t know who to publish it…)